LUKE KIBLER, Managing Director

Luke Kibler
Managing Director

Luke Kibler is your insurance solutions and wealth strategies expert. Luke’s love of financial education goes back more than 16 years to the first time he met with a financial planner shortly after getting married. It didn’t take long for his passion for sharing life-changing information to get him started in getting licensed and beginning to build loyal clientele in many sectors of the financial industry. With over 16 years of specialized training and experience in both personal and commercial insurance, banking, and investing, Luke brings a uniquely relevant perspective to the process of financial planning and the usage of insurance products for building and protecting wealth.

Now, Luke Kibler is proud to announce a strategic alliance between Vantage Insurance Solutions and Redwood Tax Specialists in order to bring an unparalleled level of expertise together for the affluent client with greater tax and wealth planning needs. Together we combine dramatic and highly effective tax savings strategies and generational wealth planning.  

Luke can be found in his off time rock climbing with his family, camping, playing music, or doing any number of outdoor activities. He has been joyously married for 17 years now, and is the father to 5 amazing children. 

Looking for honest and unbiased guidance to build you personal wealth strategy? Luke and his team are the ones you want in your corner! He will take passionate interest in your unique needs and goals and guide you through the myriad of options to a clear, simple, and easy-to-implement solution!

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